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Use our technology to help advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Let’s discuss how.

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Make promotions and coupons available on your Wi-Fi.

Get to know our solution for Markets.

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Your Wi-Fi with different content for teachers, students and staff.

Get to know our solution for Schools and Universities.

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All the details your customer needs on your Wi-Fi.

Get to know our solution for Automotive Shops and Dealers.

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Your Wi-Fi can offer information about Hospital service list, treatments and more.

Get to know our solution for Hospitals.

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All the information that the crew and guests need on your Wi-Fi.

Get to know our solution for Cruises and Ships.

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Benefits for


Showcase promotions and offers via/over Wi-Fi.

Get to know your customer better using polls and surveys.

Include your Partners and Suppliers.

Publish new Collections and Postings via/over Wi-Fi.

Promote your Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) efforts.

Benefits for


Special Space for Coupons and Promotions.

Know your customers' preferences with Surveys and Polls.

Publish possible recipes with the products on the market.

Space for disclosure of suppliers.

Benefits for


Make available a class schedule.

Calendar of events.

Publish Tips and Trivia.

Institutional area.

News portal

Benefits for


Publish details about each car in the store.

Know your customers' preferences with Surveys and Polls.

Make videos and advertisements available.

Publish different contents for each dealership.

Benefits for


Videos and Curiosities in the waiting room.

Get to know your customers better with Surveys and Polls.

Provide a list of hospital services.

Information about hospital employees.

Benefits for


Catalog of Attractions.

Know your customers' preferences with Surveys and Polls.

Schedule of activities.


The company

BlueConecta is a technology company that develops secure systems for use and distribution of content over Wi-Fi networks. It improves decision-making through enhanced customer experience and captures your positive social and environmental impact efforts.

What we do

We create a safe and easy to use two-way information channel between you and your stakeholders.

How it works

We leverage the power of the Wi-Fi network to enhance communication per each site/location




Registered Users


Number of accesses

Protecting your health

After the pandemic, the world will not be the same and hygiene will be a priority. Nothing safer for your health than touch only your mobile phone.

BlueConecta Features

With our Dashboard, you can keep track of how your campaigns are running and the flow of your establishment through informational graphs.

BlueConecta Features

Your client needs to register only once and it will be valid in all establishments of the BlueConecta network. It contains: Name, Age, Sex, Email and Phone.

BlueConecta Features

With our solution you can control your establishment better as well, because with it you can block users, preventing employees from being silly on the internet.

BlueConecta Features

Manage your business like never before! With our platform you can generate reports in a very simple and fast way.

BlueConecta Features

Make coupons and promotions available on your Wi-Fi. Enjoy the tool that all your customers have in their pocket, saving money with printing.

BlueConecta Features

All content you publish on and receive from your customers and each site/location is available offline and generates tailor-made reports.

BlueConecta Features

Your customer will don't need to download an app, which makes their experience much simpler and more advantageous.

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